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La Niña del Azúcar  (2022)
A Girl Knocks On Your Door

Perú - Argentina

 Director: Javier Velásquez Varela 

 90min  |  Amazonian Noir Thriller  




Juan Espinoza, a young environmental reporter, has just settled in Iquitos, renting a comfortable apartment on a penultimate floor. Everything would be perfect if it were not for the visit of a strange girl, whom every night knocks on his door to ask for sugar. In parallel, Captain Zamora investigates the disappearance of Sarah Gonzales, a beautiful medical student from the capital who just a few weeks ago occupied another department of the same building.

Already uneasy by the constant visits of the girl, Juan decides to make his claim with the concierge, asking him to talk to the girl's parents so that they stop sending her to ask for sugar. The concierge is stunned to hear about the girl because he assures that on the top floor of the building, where the little one is supposed to go up every night after visiting Juan, no one lives. Time goes by and Zamora is exhausting all his police resources to find the young woman. He is desperate and thinks that Socorro, the old seer of the house raft of Belen, could give him a clue.


The drama of a family destroyed by the mafia, the madness of a traumatized concierge, the despair of a father, and the unhealthy obsession of a police captain, are the emotions that are merged in the concise words written by Socorro, the old seer of Belen.

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