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Early distribution

Juan and Reina will depart in search of Reina’s family in a territory of the Peruvian Amazon without authority, ravaged by crime, greed, and predation.

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Secret Matsushita
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Matías Raygada - A Julio no le gusta su habitación nueva - Cementerio General 2 Juego Sini

About AV Films

AV Films is a Peruvian film production company with more than 20 years of experience. Our titles spread the Amazonian culture to preserve its identity and reveal the problematics of Peru's largest and most diverse territory. So far, we have produced seven feature films. Five of them have been released in Latin American theaters and on streaming platforms around the world. Our genre titles broke box office records in Peru and our drama films won the national production fund of the Peruvian Ministry of Culture. Our films have been seen by more than 2 million people in theaters exclusively. We are currently in early distribution of our sixth title: La Pampa (The invisible girl, 2022), and working on the post-production of our next film: La niña del azúcar (A girl knocks on your door, 2023), a co-production with Argentina and Spain.